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Fubu Australia Pty Ltd

Soy Sauce Powder 5kg

Soy Sauce Powder 5kg

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  5kg Packs
Aroma: Mild, meaty, brewed characteristic
Flavour:  Salty slightly sweet, Umani
Visual:  Light brown-golden tan , fine, free flowing Powder
Ideal for Dumpling and Spring roll fillings as it keeps the fillings dry,firm and adding Umani .
Soy Sauce powder can be used as a seasoning for noodles, rice dishes on Rubs, Spiral Potatoes, Salads,Hot chips, Soups, Beef jerky ,Biltong and creating new and cool seasonings and spice rubs.

Please note this item is for Personal Use and no Certificates of Analysis or Specification Details will be issued.

If this not suit your requirements Please Do Not Order

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