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Solar Hot Water Pump 24v 40ltr per Min

Introducing the 24V DC Household Solar Booster Pump for Home, Off-Grid and Camping:

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to meet your water pumping needs while camping or living off the grid? Look no further than our 24V DC Household Solar Booster Pump. Here are some compelling reasons why this innovative product is a must-have for your off-grid adventures and camping trips:

Using a 24V DC Solar Panel with The Solar Booster Pump is entirely powered by the sun. It features high-efficiency solar panels that harness the power of sunlight, converting it into electricity to drive the pump. This means you can have a reliable water source wherever there is sunshine, making it perfect for off-grid living or camping in remote locations.

Easy Installation: Setting up the system is a breeze. The package includes all the necessary components, and there's no need for complex wiring or electricity connections. Simply mount the solar panels in a sunny spot, connect the pump to your water source, and you're good to go.

Versatility: This pump is designed for various applications, from providing water for your off-grid house or tiny house to supply water for campsite showers, cleaning, and irrigation. It's adaptable to your specific needs, making it a versatile addition to your off-grid or camping setup. 

The Pump will only pump Clean water DO NOT USE for Dirty Water

Low Maintenance: With no reliance on traditional power sources, you'll enjoy the benefits of reduced maintenance costs. The pump's Permanent Magnet  motor is highly durable and can run for years with minimal maintenance.

Portability: The lightweight and compact design of this solar booster pump makes it easy to transport to your campsite. It's the perfect solution for camping enthusiasts who want to enjoy modern amenities without compromising on sustainability (some Priming is required.)

Environmentally Friendly: By utilizing clean and renewable solar energy, you're reducing your carbon footprint. This pump is an eco-conscious choice for individuals who care about the environment and want to minimise their impact.

Reliability: With a backup battery system (optional), you can ensure a continuous water supply even during cloudy days or at night, so you're never left without water when you need it most.

Cost Savings: Investing in this solar booster pump can lead to significant long-term cost savings. You'll reduce or eliminate the need for traditional electricity, fuel, or manual labour to pump water, making it a cost-effective solution for off-grid living and camping.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your off-grid lifestyle or camping trips more comfortable and sustainable with our 24V DC  Solar Booster Pump. It's a reliable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution that will enhance your water supply, reduce your environmental impact, and contribute to an unforgettable off-grid or camping experience. Get yours today and enjoy the freedom of water, wherever you go!


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